Friday, May 3, 2013

You Create Your Life While You Are Living It

I have coached many people who tell me, "I know all about Law of Attraction, I've taken this course, and done that thing and I've hired these 4 coaches and went to this workshop" or they pray, meditate, "go inside" or they take massive action, work hard, attend training, etc. etc. ......
"Wow! And with all that, they still have not created the life they want deliberately?"

As I speak to these people, it doesn't take me long to notice that although they "think" they are being all positive and forward moving, they really aren't.

                                   You create and attract your life while you are living it. 

In each moment.

But most people, even with all that "knowledge about" it, haven't realized how they are vibrating moment by moment in their own life.

Most people are still not aware of how they keep getting what they keep getting.

I help people find that out.  I get messages and emails often, almost daily from people telling me how their life changed once they finally "got it" by the way I've explained it to them.

The key for me is to get them to become aware of where they are vibrationally most of the time.

I never tell people to tell me about the past or repeat the same old stories that "explain" why they are the way they are. 

That won't get them anywhere.

I also tell people not to monitor their thoughts. That is almost impossible anyway and would drive you crazy.

The only moment you have is now. 
I tell them, as I'm now telling you,  pay attention to how you feel.
Check in with yourself throughout the day until it becomes habit to notice how you feel emotionally.

Don't try to figure out why you feel any way, that won't get you anywhere either.
Just ask yourself, "how do I feel."
If not as good as you want, do whatever you can to feel a bit better.

You will notice that as you constantly deliberately feel a bit better, better things will happen. 

You won't be complaining about your job or boss or spouse or children as much.

You won't be sick as often.

Things will start to happen that are better and better for you.

It isn't fate or chance or anything other than, like attracts like, The Law of Attraction.

Where you are vibrationally is evident in everything happening in your life. 

And you have control over it by feeling a bit better as often as possible.

Find out where you are on the Emotional Guidance Scale and then do all the things you can to raise your vibration.

It is so much better and easier and works WITH Universal Laws if you do this ahead of time by creating your life to be in a good feeling most of the time BEFORE anything happens.

You can do it!


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  1. Such wise advice! Being deliberate and intentional is something that I have really been trying to work on. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thank Elise! Yes, it is! And as we all practice it, it becomes habit.


  2. This is great! Everything is composed of energy. People give off energy, and it can be negative or positive. If it's not positive, change it.

    1. Exactly, Tami, and energy vibrates at a frequency and lines up with LIKE energy and voila! that is how you attract all into your own life.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Kathy,
    This was an amazing and powerful program and I'm going to be spreading the good news - because I highly recommend it!!!! ;)

    Healthy Blessings,

    1. Thank you so very much Gena! I really appreciate your endorsement of my trainings!

      Your programs are fantastic, too and I highly recommend them.



  4. Thank you for this advice Kathy! I do try to live my life this way, trying to do what I can to be happy and leave negativity behind. I agree, the more positive energy you put out, the more that comes back to you.

  5. I think I'm beginning to understand what you're saying. It's about kinestethics. It has nothing to do with thoughts, current or past or future. It's about feeling. That's it.