Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keep It Simple - Raise Your Vibration

Some times you really need to hammer the simplicity of all this into your minds. 

We all have to. 
Not with effort, but with high intention and repetition while staying at ease.

If your life is not improving in all the areas you want it to then it most basically is something very simple. 

When I coach people one and one, I generally find that they are doing one thing in their daily "workshops" but are still operating in their other vibrational habits all of the rest of the time. 

If that is you -- and you know it is if things are not improving in the manner of your desires -- then really tell yourself, the simple, factual truth........
The vibration of the problem, situation, issue IS NOT the same vibration of the solution, improvement or desire. 
Check where you are on the Emotional Guidance Scale and go UP from there.  You will know when you are above BOREDOM most of the time, as life pretty much goes the way you want it to when you are.

Hammer it into your head: 
I just have to increase my vibration to feeling "as if" I already AM in the better solution!!!  
I just have to "feel better".  I just have to raise my vibration. 
Remind yourself of this all throughout the day by whatever means works for you.
Keep it simple.
Kathy Hadley
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  1. This has been quite a week (so grateful it is almost over!) and wow, I can see so much of what happened based on the vibrational scale. I need to share this with my fifteen-year-old daughter who has been weathering quite a crisis....

    1. Julie,

      I wish I had known about this scale when I was younger. I think the younger we all learn about Universal Laws and how to apply the deliberately the better everyone's lives will be.




  2. Great points, Kathy! When you can teach yourself to think act and feel as you are already in that positive place you want to be the results follow's so interesting the way that works :-)

    1. It is interesting now it works. :-) Universal Laws make it so.