Monday, May 13, 2013

What Is Holding You Back?

The steps to applying the Law of Attraction to your life are simple:

1) You ask. 

(You do this by the dominant vibration you are emitting every moment, which is created by your dominant thoughts, words, feelings and where you put your attention.)

2) You are given.

(This is not your work.)

3) You believe and thus allow it to come to you.

(This is were most still don't have it because of unknown resistance.)

Allowing your good to come to you is the most important step and yet most people are not aware of all the resistance they have.

                         What is holding you back???

You may not be aware of it but below are some examples of what is holding you back.

You ask, but you immediately doubt.

You ask, but you don't really believe it.

You ask, but you prepare for the opposite.

You ask, and tell others and their disbelief causes you to disbelieve.

You ask, but you have not yet broken out of the unconscious habits you have that keep creating the old unwanted patterns.

How can you resolve these things?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is great for releasing, even unknown to you, resistance.

Raising your dominant vibration is VERY IMPORTANT because everything you attract to yourself matches your dominant vibration.

All the tools and techniques to help you ALIGN with Universal Laws basically boil down to doing these two things:

1)  Raise your vibration.

2)  Release resistance.

If you can just do those, then you will attract all that you want. 

Kathy Hadley

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  1. Oh, the reasons you listed for what is holding people back rings so true for me, especially preparing for the opposite. It's extremely difficult for me to get rid of that one. D'OH :(

    1. Angie,

      If it is known to you what you believe is holding you back and yet you still cannot move out of it, this is where EFT works very well.



  2. What you've just described here, Kathy, could equally be applied to prayer - which is my most favourite method of asking! But the same blocks apply - doubt, fear, lack of trust. Just by doing, repeating the pattern, seeing the results, manifests the change, though. It increases my faith. It also raises my vibration! Great post today, as always. Thanks for your wisdom.

    1. Susan,

      Thank you and I'm so glad you mentioned very great friend, Dina Dove, wrote in her book "The Bagladys Guide to Elegant Living" ---- "let your life be your prayer". That is how I intend to live my life.

      That is why, I believe, that what blocks you in prayer, as you stated, blocks you in life. :-)



    2. Amen! 'Let your life be your prayer.' Absolutely! Thanks, Kathy, for this lovely response.

  3. How wonderful to see the Law of Attraction explained so simply. Indeed, I do doubt that I'll sell a million books. I'm going to work on knocking my doubts away.

    1. Francene,

      Do the EFT and raise your vibration. Another thing to do is set a smaller target you can believe....on the way to the million books. You see, the Universe can give you a million as easily as one book sold, it is no difference, but there is a difference in your believing and YOU are the some driving it all.

      So as you believe you can sell say 10 books or more, then you allow the flow and the Universe just answers the believing, you see.

      The "or more" leaves it open for the million ....or more.



    2. Thank you, Kathy. I'm doing it now. I believe in the power of thought.

  4. Kathy, I had to chuckle at your "if you can just do those". Were it only that simple! I've been working at it for years and have seen success in some areas, but still have a long ways to go in others. Sometimes, I think that if we could train our brains to just think like children, we would find the raising of our vibration and the release of our resistance to be as simple as you suggest.

    This is, however, a wonderful post and a great one for reminding us to really just "keep it simple, stupid".

    1. I understand what you are saying Sheri.

      The fact is, it is very simple, indeed. We complicate it.

      However, how "easy" it is for any one person, that is another matter entirely.

      You see, one of the blocks is
      "You ask, but you don't really believe it."

      Doubt, because of having tried it "for years" or whatever.


      "You ask, but you have not yet broken out of the unconscious habits you have that keep creating the old unwanted patterns."

      It is simple to raise your vibration and it is simple and easy to use EFT.

      I'd say keep doing those for no other reason that to feel good and see what happens.

      All the best,



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  6. Hi Kathy,
    great post and yes if you could just remove the fear the resistance- etc life would be bliss until the next little resistance appeared
    great post thank you

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