Monday, April 8, 2013

Where Are You On The Emotional Guidance Scale and Why Does It Matter?

Most people want to improve their life in terms of more money, better relationships, health, and happiness yet have no idea where they are now or how to improve.
A key indicator where you are now is where you are on the Emotional Guidance Scale.
Overall, if you are feeling good more often than not, then you are probably doing "OK".  If you really want to improve, you can learn and deliberately rise up this scale.
Why does this matter?
As one increases their vibration and moves up the Emotional Scale to where they feel good emotions such as love, gratitude, joy, happiness, contentment, serenity, peace, etc. most of the time, other human characteristics go along with that.
People higher on the Emotional Scale are also higher in confidence, responsibility, integrity, truthfulness, communication, health, relationships, organization, cleanliness, getting along with others, politeness, empathy and other human traits.  
This makes them more successful and happier overall.

Being higher in vibration, not only helps you have the life you want, it will then attract others into your life that are easier to work with and live with, too.

There is also another benefit to learning the Emotional Guidance Scale.

Knowing where someone else is on the Emotional Scale will help you to know if you want to have that person in your life or allow them to fade harmoniously away.

The most important way to use this scale is to note where you are on it and to then use other things I've written (and will write about) in this blog and in my daily free email coaching to rise up the scale so that you have a better life.

It is not recommended that you ever use this scale to judge others outwardly. 

That is where allowing comes in. 

Your purpose is to work on yourself.  Allow all others to improve themselves or not.

As people notice your improved life, they may ask you how you are doing it and you can then refer them to this type of information.  Otherwise, let all continue to attract into their own life while you go about creating your own perfect life, better and better.

What you can do to help you rise up the Scale will be the topic of tomorrow's post.

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  1. I love this scale and use it with my clients (and myself!) as well. One way to get up the scale for me is to use elevating essential oils but ways to get up is your post for tomorrow!!!

    1. Laura,

      Me, too. I use this scale all the time. The higher in vibration you are actually, the easier you move up and down the scale as is appropriate and your life will be great if you are mostly high. But even when you go low as appropriate, you don't get stuck there.

      That is what is happening with most people. As I'm sure you know....they get stuck somewhere on the scale.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. I vary between 5 and 8. So I'm probably doing ok :)

    1. Linda,

      That is great! Boredom is actually the dividing line between having the life you want and not if you are above it most of the time except in moments when it is appropriate to feel lower emotions.

      Well Done.

      Kathy Hadley

  3. It is great knowing that our feelings are based on our thoughts and that we can choose new
    thoughts to create more positive emotions and continue to move in the direction of abundance, peace, happiness, and joy.

    See Rachel's latest blog post : The 16 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People

    1. Rachel,

      That is so true. We have complete control of our thoughts but more easily, our emotions. Most people just don't know it or are even aware of it. They think things just happen to them randomly.

      I love your post of the Highly Unsuccessful people.

      It is like my friend Darren Jacklin always say, "Success leaves clues".

      And then I always add, "so does failure".

      Although, no one is ever a failure if they pick themselves up and keep going.

      What I really mean is when you don't get to where you want to go, there are habitual things that you are, do and say that got you there and they can be changed.



    2. Kathy,
      what I see is that the physical health ailments are caused by emotions. The higher up in vibrations you are, the less physical ailments you have and the easier it is to release what you have.

  4. It's been said that things start with thought and then become physical. The higher up in vibration on the scale the less physical problems you tend to have. What I see as an herbalist and a wellness coach is that I can generally find the problem as an emotion and when I can help them eliminate and switch up the emotion, the health issue is able to be removed that much easier

    1. Bonnie,

      I agree with you. The higher in vibration you are the less physical ailments you have. Also, if you have an ailment and raise in vibration is will generally go away. I am living proof actually.


  5. Thank you Kathy. It is very interesting. I have never heard about it.
    However, I did not get it how I can use it to find my scale based on it. Is there any steps to use this to find the scale?

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