Saturday, May 4, 2013

Count Your Blessings - Gratitude As A Success Technique

I was just doing my normal daily routine as always and as always, I start out and end each day with a prayer, meditation, I call it “my workshop” about all that I’m grateful for and intending for my future.

Today isn’t particularly different than other days.

Actually, I live a very blessed life and I’m very, very grateful for it.

However, just a moment ago, I noticed so much good in my life to be grateful about, I thought I should take a moment to write it down and share it with you.

Maybe it is because of all the wonderful, collaborations going on right now.

Maybe it is just that it hit me to be particularly thankful for my wonderful life.

Whatever the reason, I just want the world to know, I’m thankful for all I’ve been blessed with.

I love all my family and friends.

I’m grateful for all my life experiences (even the ones I wouldn’t want to re-live) because they are what brought me to where I am today.

Could my life be better? Sure. (We all think that I think.)

I am extremely happy and content with how it is right now, too.

And it is getting better and better all the time.

Have I had troubles, mistakes, issues, difficulties and losses in my life?  Sure.

Here I am.

The people who really love me know all my ups and downs and still love me unconditionally.

The ones who do not understand Law of Attraction and that THEY and only THEY have created, are creating and will always create their own life, may have difficulty understanding all this.

I know that me, myself and I have created everything that has ever been or will ever be in my life.

If not the exact incidences, I created my reaction to them which affected me and therefore drew more of that to me, good or bad.

I know that.

I, just like all the people I have coached and help with posts here now, am a “work in process” and am getting better and better all the time.

Now that I’ve been inspired to write all this, I sit here and ponder… what is the purpose of this? (especially since I’m results oriented.)

I believe at this moment the purpose of all this is to remind all of us to be thankful, to count our blessings, to know we are solely responsible for our lives and to intend happiness and joy in the future.

By putting your attention, intention on and feeling the emotions of appreciation and thankfulness, you draw more things that make you feel appreciative and thankful to you.

Gratitude is a great success technique when you can really FEEL the feelings of appreciation.

Law of Attraction makes it so.

Kathy Hadley

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  1. Kathy, it's nice to read about how thankful you are for everything in your life. I agree that everyone is really a "work-in-process." Nice turn of phrase. :-)

    1. Thank you Jocelyn. I write how I feel. :-)

      I am very grateful. :-)

      Thank you for commenting.


  2. What a blessed post, Kathy. Thanks for sharing. It's amazing that I got literally hit on the head with the gratitude message a couple of weeks back. I'd been so tired and suffering from fatigue and I just kept complaining and complaining and then I got slapped with it...gratitude! I changed my attitude and became more thankful and I saw a marked improvement in my health. It really was amazing.

    1. Sharon,

      It is amazing! I've seen this happen over and over again. Thanks for commenting.



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