Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Argue For Your Limitations And You Get To Keep Them

You are getting everything in your own life by what you are. 

That means what you are dominantly vibrating. 

Your dominant vibration is created by your dominant thoughts, beliefs, words, and what you put your attention on.

All Universal Laws make it so.

How Universal Laws work and how you can align to them once you know them to have the life you want is so very simple that most people just can't "have it". 

Since they want things that they apparently cannot create, they will come up with every excuse as to why they cannot do it or have it.

This is basically "arguing for your limitations".

I totally understand that.

It can get a bit frustrating to know that you create your own life, that you are the ONLY one creating your life, that you have wanted things for a long time and yet, for whatever reason, they have not manifest it, yet.

That is understandable.

However, as "understandable" as it is I would make a different suggestion.

I suggest you:

Keep the faith.

Keep knowing how it works and keep telling yourself what is the truth and keep getting more and more and more in alignment.

Keep raising your vibration.

Keep raising your self awareness.

Rather than "argue for your limitations" with statements like

"I've tried this before and it didn't work."

"I know all about the Law of Attraction but I can't get it to work for me."

"I've wanted this for a very long time and do affirmations but I still don't have it."

"I know people who've done all this and they don't have a great life."

You see, statements like that are in direct opposition to aligning and allowing all that you want to come to you.

You are arguing for your limitations and the life you DON'T WANT and you probably don't even know it.

If you are HERE and you want to be THERE, keep speaking about, feeling about, appreciating, feeling "as if" being happy about THERE until you finally GET THERE!!!

The more you personally align to the higher vibration of thinking, speaking, paying attention to, feeling and vibrating, the more other people will enter into your life who have done it and ARE doing it consistently!!!

The fact that you are even here reading this post is a VERY GOOD SIGN!!!

Keep doing THIS!

Here is to you continually being in alignment with all that you want to have your most perfect life.

Kathy Hadley

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  1. "Keep doing THIS!" <-- This is the point I´ve been debating with myself today. Sometimes I have options that are opposite and I don´t know which is the "This" I need to do. DO I go back to bed because I´m on the verge of exhaustion and I need the rest or am I working against myself in going back to bed as I´m taking me off the work that needs to be done?
    Another example: I know my hubbie is responsible for his own life but am I attracting things through him? Because what happens to him ultimately happens to me.
    I need to read more in your blog! :)

  2. Paula,

    In this blog, the "keep doing this" comment meant, keep reading more positive posts that help you like this one. So, by reading more of my blog, you are doing "this". :-)

    As for other people, they create in their own lives and yes, some of them overlap a little. But no one other than you can really create in your life unless YOU allow it. They will zip while you zag.

    I've noticed that in my own life and marriage with family and husband, etc.

    As for your particular situation, as I often tell people, once you are IN a situation that is unwanted, it is more of a challenge to come up with the best answer, so come up with a good one. However, start to shift things gradually so that you will love your life more in the future when you get there by what you are creating (vibrating) today.

    I would say, go back to bed and before you do, come up with a plan that makes you feel good on how you will get all else done over the next few days. This way, you have made a decision, made a plan, released it from your mind and then go to bed.

    Some times, the best thing you can do is take a step back.

    In the end, it is your decision and you know best what is best for you. If you quiet your mind and ask for Guidance, you will get it.



  3. I'm so pleased to click on your blog again today, Kathy. I've been practicing what you preached yesterday and know people are thinking about getting a copy of my book. Today, you're speaking to the converted. I'm always positive and maintain high vibrations with daily meditation. Keep up the good work.

    1. Francene,

      That makes me so very happy!!! I am so looking forward to the day very soon when your book sales hit 100 then 1000 then 10000 and on and on to ONE MILLION!!!



  4. Love your positive attitude and energy, Kathy!

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