Saturday, February 4, 2012


Manifestation is the ability to hold, focus and direct our creative energies into form.

In general, most people tend to disperse their creative energies - their life force - because they have not been taught that these energies are the key to manifesting their dreams and heart's desires.

In order to manifest, we must be able to hold those creative energies in the vessel of our body until, with our intention, focus and direction, we send them out to create something we desire.

For those that are not used to the feeling in their bodies that the build up of these energies generates. It can get intense, and so they seek to disperse the energy, usually through patterns of addictive behavior. Their energy is scattered everywhere and, much like buckshot, little if any of it hits the target. If we recognize these patterns and learn instead to cultivate our creative fire, then manifestation on every level is possible.