Thursday, May 2, 2013

Collaboration is Great - Spreading The Positive - Helping Others - Raising Vibrations

As we raise our own vibration, we raise the vibration of those around us and then it keeps going out like ripples in a pond and reaches out to the whole world.

There are many of us who live our lives knowing that where we are vibrationally accounts for just about everything, if not everything, in our lives.

In this attitude of helping and raising vibrations and increasing positive thoughts, many of us have several profiles, pages and groups on social networks.

There are a few that I belong to.

One such group is CEO Space.  It is an International Business Networking Group that is all about cooperation over competition in the business world in a positive way.  Members are constantly collaborating to help everyone.  We are always looking for Win, Win, Win scenarios.

I've loved being part of that group to help businesses (even though my emphasis now is on helping all people apply Universal Laws, whether they are in business or not, as a Life Coach).

And since I had such a great time participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge in April 2013 and am continuing in May, I thought I would add my blog on CEO Space since so many of the bloggers (and others) want to increase their businesses and incomes.

In addition to that, a group of like minded, high vibration, positive people and I are co-creating a facebook page, Attract A Better Life for that very purpose:  to inspire, uplift and raise the vibrations of more people.

With the idea in mind to help people achieve their goals in all aspects of life and business, I
invite you to follow my other blog, CEO Space Business Blog as I start blogging about how to expand your business on facebook and other social networks and other topics to help small businesses.

Also, please "LIKE" the page Attract A Better Life on facebook.

Getting involved with so many positive, collaborative, inspirational, helpful and fun groups, you will help to raise your own vibration, help yourself, be able to help others and in the end, help improve the whole world.

Thank you.

Kathy Hadley

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If you want some more immediate help, get my Simple Law of Attraction Kit that comes with a short e-book and audio.  I also highly recommend the Advanced Class as it contains some of the key things I use with my coaching clients.


  1. I'm interested in the law of attraction Kathy so am happy to read your post and see what's manifesting! Will check out the page too :)

    1. Great Nicola. Please check out all the posts I posted in April on here, too.



  2. Kathy,
    Thank you for providing this type of information. My question to you is what is the best and easiest way to market a product so that lot's of people will see it and then buy it? What type of system(s) need to be in place for this?

    1. This is exactly what I'm going to be going over on my other page, here is today's post.

      The brief answer is as sales funnel. There are all types and kinds but to keep it simple you need a dedicated sales page, and I would suggest at least one or two upsales.

      You need an auto responder to stay in contact with them and then something that you offer for free to those people.

      Although there are many methods of doing all this, I keep with my core values which is help as many people as I can, even the ones who cannot pay anything with something free and then also help those who can and want to pay something to be in Balance with all the help you give them.



  3. Excellent piece. This explains the feeling behind the synergy that explodes whenever I network with other businesses. It is such a great feeling. I'm at a point in my life where I'm receiving so much support that I have given out over the years. It is a great feeling as I still continue to give. Thanks for sharing.

    Deuteronomy 1:11 Blessings!

    1. Toy,

      Exactly! There are many quotes by great, famous people about being a success if your help enough people and you can always find all those same things in scripture as you noted here.

      Thank you and keep up the great work!!!