Friday, November 20, 2009

Counting Your Blessings

I was just doing my normal daily routine as always and as always, I start out and end each day with a prayer, meditation, I call it “my workshop” about all that I’m grateful for and intending for my future.

Today isn’t particularly different than other days.

Actually, I live a very blessed life and I’m very, very grateful for it.

However, just a moment ago, I noticed so much good in my life to be grateful about, I thought I should take a moment to write it down and share it with you.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Basic Universal Laws - Law of Attraction by Abraham-Hicks

Here are the audio clips I suggest from the site.

I recommend you listen to these very often if you want to create the life you want deliberately as soon as you possibly can by shifting your vibration.

They are very brief and explain the basic Laws of Attraction, Deliberate Creation and Allowing and how to use them to have the life you want.

Law of Attraction 4 minute audio

Saturday, October 3, 2009

How? How? How? How? Do I get what I want?

How? The answer is so simple most people just can't accept it. I'll tell you how a little further along. First let's look at another great Abraham-Hicks quote:

“You could stand here sick with ten illnesses today, and tomorrow have no evidence of any of them. Your body has the ability to replenish itself that fast. But most of you do not have the ability to change your thoughts that fast. So the amount of time that it takes between sickness and wellness is only the amount of time that it takes for me to figure out how to let it in -- for me to figure out how to feel good, when I'm looking at something that makes me feel bad.”
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, November 4th, 2000 #207

Good quote. The interesting thing is this applies to everything; money, relationships, business, everything you want. You are either looking at what is and telling that story and getting more of what is or you are gradually stating a belief of a new story of what you want.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Are you deliberately creating your life?

I have been asked probably thousands of times the same question: "How can I get Law of Attraction to work for me?"

The answer from me and everyone else who understands Universal Laws knows the answer is this:

"Law of Attraction is constantly working every moment of every day bringing you more of that which you but your attention on. You don't have to MAKE IT WORKS. It just is working."

As Abraham says, the reason that question keeps getting asked is because the answer is not satisfying to the majority of people.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today is September 09, 2009 - 09 09 09

For many people there is a great significance in today's date
being 09-09-09.

For me, of course, that is fine.

I personally believe what Neal Donald Walsh states in his book "Conversations With God":

"Nothing has a meaning until you give it one."

If someone gives today a meaning and in doing that it brings them joy, I'm in alignment with it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Videos on YouTube from Abraham-Hicks

Basically, anything you need to know to learn, understand and apply the Law of Attraction can be found in the Abraham-Hicks YouTube videos, their books and audios.

I highly recommend that you get this information direct from source.

I will be posting inspirational messages here, however, I am not taking on people to personal life coach any longer.

Enjoy the videos and remember, you and you alone create your life.

Learn how to do it deliberately and not by default with the help of Abraham-Hicks and many other great writers.

Friday, July 31, 2009

A Rose by Any Other Name.....

Like most people, I have many people in my life; family, friends, business associates, acquaintances, etc. and I have always been very interested in people. I find all the differences and life stories of people fascinating.

I also find personal joy and happiness in helping people.

Anyone who knows me well knows the things I say often. One of those things is....even though some people may use different words, they could be saying the same thing.

Personally, I don't get too attached or concerned with what words someone uses as long as I can understand the intention behind the words.

So when someone is talking to me about Universal Laws whether they are quoting some scripture, a book, a philosopher or anyone, I look for the similarities and the intention behind the words. More often than not the intentions are the same.

I use the "words" to describe my process of coaching as Law of Attraction, Law of Deliberate Creation (which is Law of Creation) and Law of Allowing.

You can find these same or similar concepts by other names. It all boils down to the same basic intention.

In my coaching, I'm all about results, not so much what your particular belief structure is or what you want to call something.

It's all OK with me as long as I'm in alignment with the heart and intention of it so that I can be joyful in our interactions.

So, just as "a rose by any other name will smell as sweet" ......a positive, beneficial to all, life philosophy that gets results is fine by me regardless of what you call it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

You Have To Put Your Attention on Something For It To Be In Your Life

Today's Abraham-Hicks quote states the simplicity of how Law of Attraction (loa) actually works.

As I have recommended before, I do again, that you sign up for the daily free quotes from Abraham-Hicks. They are very short lessons & helpful in reminding you how to "deliberately" create your life every moment.

(As you and you alone are the creator of your entire life already (only most probably by default.) To do it deliberately is much more enjoyable.)

Daily Law of Attraction Quote from Abraham-Hicks

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Economy, Swine Flu, Troubles, Troubles, Troubles. NOT! Remember this: “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address

As I was going over all my emails & social network posts I noticed, the vast amount of media attention that is always given to everything bad, negative & what's wrong.

When in my opinion, there is always so much more good & what's right going on.

Since it only takes 17 seconds of pure thought to start any creation, this might be the day to remember what FDR said and take our attention off of fear (or any emotion that doesn't feel good) & put it on any emotion that feels a bit better.

(Here is the link to the entire FDR Inaugural Address.)

Of course, someone in the media might say that "good news doesn't sell"........(I've actually been told that years ago.)

On my own personal spiritual & emotional journey, I was told about a little exercise you can do to see how much better you can feel in only one week. The exercise is to totally STOP watching the news, reading the paper, listening or talking about any negative news. Just stop it totally for a week.

I was amazed at how much better I felt. I have now taken that a step further. I suggest that after you do that for a week, keep doing it & in addition, put your attention everyday on those things you truly appreciate.

If you feel you must keep up with what is going on, just quickly glance the headlines online on your home page & then go about finding things to appreciate instead of going on & on about what the media wants you to put your attention on.

You have free will. You are not a sheep that can be lead about by the media & whatever they want to scare you into thinking about (and thus create for yourself since by LOA you get what you put your attention on!)

Today's Abraham-Hicks Quote was another good one. Here it is:

We want you to enjoy the contrasting experience, just like you enjoy the contrasting buffet. And we want you to reach the place (and practicing Virtual Reality will help you to gain this confidence) that whenever you're in front of a buffet that has so much that you do like to eat, as well as some that you don't like to eat, you don't feel frustrated that there are things there you don't want to eat. You don't feel compelled to put them on your plate and eat them; you just pick the things that you like. And the Universe of thought is the same way. You can choose from it the things that you like

Excerpted from the workshop in Salt Lake City, UT on Saturday, June 29th, 2002

When I thought about that quote it made me laugh. How absurd it is to think that someone would go to a buffet & stand there feeling frustrated & upset about what is on the buffet that they DO NOT like.

And yet, that is precisely what most people are doing all the time in life & they are not even aware that they are doing it.

Also, here are the explanation of 17 seconds of pure thought starting creation & an exercise to apply it.

Abraham-Hicks~68 Seconds of Pure Thought

(The talking starts about 50 seconds into the video)

68 Seconds of Pure Thought Do this exercise after listening to the above.

Now that you have taken your attention off of the negative/bad & deliberately put it on the positive/good/what you appreciate, you will not only attract more of that for yourself, but for the whole world.

In my opinion, positive outweighs negative by millions to one. So the more people who deliberately put their attention on anything positive, the better for the entire world.

Your positive vibration will go out like ripples in a pond & affect the whole world, like "the butterfly affect".

Choose to be part of solutions.
Choose to be happier.
Choose to have a better life.
Choose to be healthy.
Ask for what is wanted.
Follow your bliss.
Allow the receiving.

If you desire, post your comment of all that you appreciate & that is good in your life now to help spread the positive vibration around the world.

(The comments are moderated & so anything commercial, self promoting, negative or just not determined by the moderator as being appropriate to our desire will be deleted.)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where's My Stuff? Why Isn't My Life the Way I Want It?

I am all about results. Law of Attraction (loa) is working 24/7 just like gravity.

You DO NOT have to "make" loa work for you! It is ALWAYS working for you!

So then you will say, "Where's my stuff?"

These steps tell you all you need to know. Do it NOW for YOUR own life!

Everything you need to know for you to create the life you want right now in every area is available for right now!


Follow instructions on this blog RIGHT NOW!

So then why after months & months of someone who
"knows" all the "universal truths":

They DO NOT have what is wanted, they are still searching,
They feel limited, what exists now controls their choices,
Even though they think they KNOW all this,
Their self talk is about what is or has been,
Their story is all about "been there, done that"
or "how it has been" or "I've tried & failed
at that before"......and why they are not getting the actual results NOW?

Here is the answer...

The bit of your time it will take to listen to these & really APPLY only to YOU are worth more than you can imagine.


You choose moment by moment what to put your attention on AND therefore, by those thoughts, emotions & vibrations ORDER the UNIVERSE to give YOU more of that!

As you listen to these audios, please think to yourself,
how I am doing this,
how I can apply this...........
not anything about anyone else,
You create time anyway, so STOP
limiting YOURSELF with the past, pre-conceived ideas,
what is.........

NOW is all you have, listen & learn & finally have the life YOU always wanted. And KNOW that YOU & ONLY YOU CREATE YOUR LIFE NOW.

Here is to you making this the best day ever!


P.S. If you didn't read this entire post, or you said to yourself,
"I already have done this" or "I don't have the time" ...........
you do not have the life you want.
You worry about time, money, health, relationships, work etc.
YOU better take/make the time to do the above and DO IT NOW!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do You Get the Daily Short Quotes From Abraham-Hicks?

If you aren't yet signed up for the daily quotes from The Abraham-Hicks web site, I suggest you do it. It is a great way to start your day & stay focused on deliberately creating the life you want. imho

Today's Daily Law of Attraction Quotation Sunday, March 15th, 2009

"We would never go to court for any reason, because that is a physical act of exclusion as big as we've ever seen it, and we've never seen anybody ultimately benefit from that." --- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, February 2nd, 1997

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Law of Attraction & Flow by Hemal Radia

Hemal Radia is a new, good friend of mine that I met on twitter. He has a wonderful site all about Law of Attraction & is on Facebook as well.

If you are on those social networks, I highly recommend you connect with Hemal and also visit his site.

He has with great generosity allowed me to post this article again & I'm very grateful to him for that. Please enjoy this & if you enjoy it as much as I did, please contact Hemal & let him know.

Law of Attraction and Flow are totally related.

Law of Attraction is the universal 'mechanism' of 'like attracts like' and the flow is your personal experience when you are attracting things easily and effortlessly - it's almost like you can't miss at whatever you do and things work out for you in the right way and right time

We have all had these experiences and of course many are striving to make these more regular!

A way to get into your flow is with the expectation of good things. No matter how things are around you, start with the INTENT of what you want, this is a good starting place.

Even if you do not fully believe you can have what you want yet, you can start with an INTENTION to have it - the beliefs will come as you practice your thoughts and vibration around it, you will build your vibrational familiarity around it which will lead to you manifesting it into your life.

Start with the intent and let go of the 'how', let the Universe orchestrate that, your job was always to set your vibrational tone.

So you start with your intent and you trust and allow it to happen - that means not doubting or contradicting it. If you plant a seed do you doubt or question it growing? Why would you do that?

Ideally when you set your intent and/or focus on what you want you do it for the JOY of it - that is the best place to be, to be in your flow and to be attracting more and more.

You will find that when you are in your flow you are focused in your present moment and at what is happening and usually with very little judgement and very little resistance. You don't let things unsettle you. If things happen that you don't enjoy then in your mind you have a positive outcome or intention for that situation which you are focusing on regardless of what is happening around you.

Law of Attraction and your Flow are really a matter of focus rather than luck or waiting for the planets to align. Just as with everything else, it is all vibrational. You do not attract things which are not in vibrational vicinity to you and your vibration is determined by your choice of thoughts and feelings.

So ask yourself,
What do I want to Focus on today?
What Feels Good to me?
What to I Appreciate?
What do I Love?What do I EnJOY?
What can I find in my Past or Recent Past that FEELS GOOD?
What Dreams, Desires, and Goals FEEL GOOD?

It is never about the reality that you are experiencing but where you are putting your attention - that is setting your vibration and what you are attracting more of. It's just sometimes you use your present reality as a reason for you not to focus on good things, it is so easy to get 'sucked' into the reality happening at the time - but it is always about your focus (hence vibration).

When your attention and focus is in a good place and it is purely on it (i.e. without contradicting it with thoughts that don't match it) you will attract things that are a match.

The irony and paradox is, when you are in your flow you do not think about the flow because you are too busy being in it and enjoying it - you are too busy 'being' to metacomment 'about' it. So get yourself to a place where you are experiencing and being than having to think too much about it 'from the outside'.

Your Flow is as ready for you as the first good feeling thought you are about to take which will lead to another and another and another and so on...

Visit this original post here

Visit Hemal Radia's Law of Attraction Site here

How Much "Pay" Have You Gotten For Living Today?

Most people have so much attention on making money. And of course, I understand that.

But how much attention do you put on what I consider "the real pay you get for living".

What I'm talking about is all the small enjoyable, wonderful moments in life that inspire us, build us up, make us happy, bring us joy.

I can think of many right now, I bet you can think of even more.

The smile of a baby.

A job well done.

Completing a project.

Helping a friend.

Giving a word of encouragement.

Helping someone feel better about anything.

A beautiful sunset.

The smell of spring coming.

Petting your pet.

Hugs from family & friends.

Thanking someone.

Helping an elderly person.

Helping any person.

Thinking of others.

Complimenting someone & seeing them light up.

Anything that brings you joy, happiness, a senses of accomplishment, working together with someone on a project....

The list goes on & on.

Most people, especially entrepreneurs have had their share of ups & downs, good times & not so good times, happiness & sorrows.

Through it all, they still have "pay they get for living".

I remember, even though I was very sad at the time, when my favorite Uncle died. No one talked about his successes or his failures in business.

It was all about him, his life, how he helped people, his humor, how he treated everyone, what a great family man he was, etc.

I'm sure like most people, there were probably those who didn't care for him too much, but he had many, many more people who really liked him.

I know I did. I thought he was great. I could probably write an entire book just on what he did for me.

That's what I'm talking about when I say "the real pay you get for living".

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Law of Attraction Matches What YOU Feel NOW!

What you feel right now is what more of the same is coming into your life.

However, most people do not notice what they are truly feeling and saying moment by moment.

The habitual things they say........

I hear it all the time.

The person thinks they understand & is applying LOA deliberately but I hear them say things like, negative thoughts, stories from their past or present, etc. talking about co-workers negatively instead of positively, how they have little money, ( I hear this a lot, in one form or another).

Then they wonder why they keep getting what they are getting.

So, pay attention. The easiest way I have found to do this is just add a new habit. Because trying to watch what you say, think & feel will drive you a little nuts.


Deliberately find good things you truly believe about people, places, things, situations and say, feel and think that to yourself & say out loud when appropriate. Spread the love.

Talk about your abundance that you already really have in a way that is believable to you or at least think it and feel it!!!

Try this today. Stop several times starting now and ask yourself, "how do I feel right now? What can I do or think about right now to feel a bit better?"


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Pay We Get For Living - My Joy

I coach people from all over. It is my greatest joy to see people make real changes in their own lives.

All of my coaching is done mostly by email and is totally confidential.

However, below you will find an email of thanks from a person who has seen many changes in the past year. I got their permission to reproduce the email but no name will be listed.

As I told this person, "I am humbled and honored that I have helped you in any way".

My wish is that the statements below inspire others to know that they can make positive changes in their lives. Here is to all having the best life they can!!

"Hi Kathy,

Just writing to say hi and to tell you that all is well in my end. I am feeling great and have been doing some deliberate creating at work. I continue to do this in other areas of my life such as home and family and friends.

I truly appreciate all that is in my life right now. I am having fun with little things but also know that this is the same for what seems like bigger issues. I know that if never ends.

I also wanted to note that today marks a year since you and I connected through Powerful Intentions.

You answered a question that I was sooooo desperate to have answers to in the beginning. I felt alone when I first started this but you brought me a sense of comfort and relief.

I want to thank you very much for all that you have done for me as I find you to be the best coach ever.

I know that I can call on you when I have questions or just need your assistance with something. It still blows me away to think that a complete stranger ( at first ) would do this.

I can only hope that one day I can be of assistance to someone else as you have been to me. So, again, a great big thank you. ( If I was having a glass of wine right now, I would do a "cheer" with you."

What that person has created is amazing. Again, it is my great reward to have helped in some small way.

I consider that this is part of the "pay we get for living". Finding JOY in helping another.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

How to Get Started Coaching Program

This post is in response to all the people asking "How do I get started?"

So here are the basic steps to get started in my coaching program.

1) Go to

Go down the page until on the left side you see....
Introduction to Abraham Tracks:
Listen to the below list of tracks in order as they are listed.

The Powerful Law of Attraction (4:00 3.64M)Here's the key we've long been asking for
Law of Deliberate Creation (3:57 3.64M)How to want it and be, do or have it
About the Law of Allowing (4:51 4.5M)Ask and it's given; now learn to allow
Process of Segment Intending (3:39 3.34M)Consciously develop this valuable habit

You may listen to other tracks if you wish, but these are the minimum I require, so that we can see if we are in alignment.

2) Go to

And read the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction teachings in brief on the left.

3) If you are in agreement with most of what you have just heard and read, then subscribe by going to:

I only take a few clients at a time so if the link to sign up is not available, please contact me by commenting here.

Once you are subscribed, I will then contact you to make sure we are in alignment and that you understand and agree to my simple quidelines. If so, we get started immediately (if you wish) coaching via email.

That is it. It really is not that much and wouldn't take that much time.

I hope this helps answer people's questions.

Here is to all of us deliberately creating our best year ever!!!

Kathy Hadley

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello All from Kathy Hadley

I have been helping people all my life.  It is how I was raised.
I’ve always felt I was “called” to help.
At a very young age I was often told I was wise beyond my years.
When I was 9, my Aunt ,who was always ill, asked me as I sat at her bedside,
if I thought I had a purpose, a reason for living.
Without hesitation I said, "Yes, Aunt, I’m her to help people." 
I didn’t even have to think about it.
At 9 years old, I already knew this instinctually.
The first time I was asked to counsel someone, I was only 12 years old.
The mother of another student in my class brought her daughter to
my home one night unannounced and told my parents that her daughter
insisted on speaking with me.  She said that I was the only person who could help
her daughter.  I didn’t hesitate.  I just took her to a private room and helped her.
I’d have to say, that was probably my first formal “coaching” session.
Since then, I’ve been helping, consulting and coaching people, even while I was doing other businesses.
As I was helping others, I was also continually getting additional training in all areas of life myself to improve my own life and the lives of others.
I spent 10 years  in concentrated training that covered everything from communication, to the emotional scale, what it was and how to use it to better your life, parenting, relationship counseling,  family and marriage counseling, business relationships, organizational skills, overcoming grief, being more in control of your life and much more.
Then I did additional training in the Universal Laws and how to apply them.  This is all in addition to all the books I’ve read and seminars I’ve attended.
I was doing all of this long before the term “Life Coaching” was being used. 
After I sold all my businesses and retired from that, I joined an international business network to give back to others some of my experience and have since consulted and counseled many people in that network.
Since 2006, I’ve been doing what I do under the term of “Life Coaching” and have found great joy it helping others see positive results in their own lives.
I hope that I will be able to help you, too.