Professional References and Client Testimonials from Business and Life Consulting/Coaching:

"I had a big legal/money issue that had grown because I couldn't take care of it.

You gave me that powerful process on Friday morning and ... OMG! I still can't believe it...by Friday afternoon, it was taken care of.

I was going to contact you earlier and tell you that is amazing!!!

Seriously, I've already seen such a positive change in myself and I'm already starting to feel more like myself!

I even had a couple of small situations today that in these last couple of weeks I would have dwelled on and let it control my day but I did that process and jumped right back to myself!!!

Thank you!!!"

September 2013


"Completely Changed My Life from Negative Thinking to Positive Living"

"In a world where I was surrounded by negativity and living stuck in my thoughts of self doubt and worrying about what I didn't like going on, you've shown me a new way to live and think. Thank you for your wisdom! It has truly changed my life.

The more I focus on what I want, what I already have to be grateful for, and positivity, the better my life gets. I can't thank you enough for all that you've taught me and continue to teach me. I read your posts and emails daily, my only regret is not finding you sooner!

I look forward to each new post and email. You're a beautiful soul, helping others to become more grateful and beautiful daily!"

Sara Balph , March 2013


 "Dear Kathy,

I wanted to give you a quick update about your product.  As you know, I was simply reviewing it for our Value Add Programs to see if it would be a good add on to our other clients programs.  Typically when I review a product, I skim through the pages, listen to a small amount of the audio to check for quality, delivery and content.

However, I could not put your book down and immediately listened to the audio.  I had watched "The Secret" years ago and read several books on the Law of Attraction.  Just haven't actively thought about it for years.

So I finished the basic program and was so excited to begin because you gave such clear steps to take that were so simple.  I stood up from my chair and noticed an envelope that had fallen behind my desk. Opened it up and found 2 $25.00 gift cards for Panera's we had received from a client for Christmas 3 months ago.  I then went to do laundry and found a $20 bill in the dryer.

I realized when I went to bed doing my review of the things to be grateful for exercise you suggested and realized I had more than doubled the price of your program.

The next day I awoke determined to put all 5 steps into immediate action.  That afternoon I had a mastermind session with a business partner and we had a major breakthrough.  I mean major.  I can't wait to see how that works out.

Then the next day I had a client chase me down and offer me a $8000 freelance contract that I had not yet completed a proposal for!

I'd say the program exceeds any expectations I would have had for it.

Thank you Kathy Hadley for leading me on this Joyful Journey.

Sandy S. Business Owner, Entrepreneur"   March, 2013

(Because so many people have asked me this question after reading the above testimonial, I will just give you the information here.  Everyone wants to know, What product?  She was referring to the Simple Law of Attraction Kit AND the add on of the Advanced Course that is available while the promotion continues at http://joyfulsuccessstore.com/loa for $56.00.   You click add to cart and then add to cart to make sure you get the Advanced Class, too. )  :-)  Kathy


 I had given the whole situation up to the universe and it seems to be taking a turn for the better.  I am excited to see this work so fast on making me feel good and am very happy.

Negative people just fell out of my life and have been replaced with wise happy people.  I feel like dancing.

M.T.  March 2013, after getting the Simple Law of Attraction Kit, Advanced Class and one week of one on one email coaching special. 


“To encompass so many thoughts about Kathy into a short sentence is virtually impossible.
So I'll try and attach a couple of words which describe Kathy Hadley so you can have a feel for her as a person: limitless, giving, inspiring, driven, mindful, observant, and thoughtful.

And those are just a few.
Kathy is an amazing person to be with, to work with, and even to have a conversation with, as the whole time it's not about her, it's about you and your dream and how can she help you connect to the resources or the vibration, if you will, that will allow for you to accomplish your dream in the shortest amount of time possible.

She is without a doubt one who is here to inspire, connect and share with many.

We love how she interacts with others, always observant of what's happening with them and whether or not their dream is their passion.

If not, she knows who to connect them to or how to connect them to their passion so that they are doing the dream they wish to achieve.

Considerate, respectful, and loving with grace is the last way we'd love to describe and recommend Kathy.

She's amazing with people and her coaching and the way she holds people accountable to their vision and dreams is nothing short of amazing.

I recommend her for everything and anything that comes along as she's a mold breaker and one that never lets the small stuff get in the way of helping people achieve their greatness.

Any further questions regarding her may be sent to me at ceo@docmurdock.com

Kind regards, Michael Murdock, CEO”
March 17, 2009
Michael Murdock, CEO/Owner, DocMurdock
worked with Kathy at Self-employed


“Although I have known Kathy for a while now, it is only recently that I have come to value her friendship and her mentoring.

She has a way of believing in you so much that you have no choice but to really start believing in yourself. And when that happens, nothing can stop us.

I have never met anyone so dedicated and passionate about helping others, expecting nothing for herself in return.

She is the most giving person in business and in personal relationships.

And because of this, I would recommend that if you have an opportunity to work with Kathy, either for a business venture or just to become one of her friends, I know your business will prosper and you will grow as an individual with some amazing results by befriending Kathy Hadley.”

Diane Haskins

Leisure Travel Consultant, World Ventures (business partner)

was with another company when working with Kathy

March 1, 2009


“I highly recommend Kathy Hadley.
Her ability to recognize value in a project is second to none.
She is sharp, driven and can help you get your project started or help drive it to completion. She has business savvy in many areas and has experienced success with several companies and many projects.”
October 16, 2008
Mike Lamb , Owner , Ideajack LLC \
was a consultant or contractor to Kathy at Business Consulting


“Kathy is a tireless supporter of business owners in helping them take the next most appropriate step toward success in their professional endeavors.

Through her position in CEO Space, she has helped literally thousands of entrepreneurs to further their projects.
Over a 5 year period, I have watched her and been so impressed by her integrity, straight talk and actions that match.” June 14, 2008
Dina Dove , Owner , Dina Dove author
worked with Kathy at CEO Space


“I have counted Kathy as a good friend for over 1 year. During that time, she has been helpful, attentive and a close friend. If you are looking to grow or develop your business, you can trust Kathy to steer you in the right direction. Keep up the good work Kathy!” March 31, 2008

Charles Balcom , Owner , Style For life Inc
was with another company when working with Kathy at CEO Space.


“Kathy's unique ability to quickly and accurately assess the sum of the whole resulted in rapid results and outcomes.” January 25, 2008

A. Roy Koenig, President & CEO, HARK, Inc
was with another company when working with Kathy at CRA


"One must be a great athlete in order to go to the Olympics, however no matter how good an athlete you are you will still need a phenomenal coach who can make you better. It is the same in the game of life and business! Kathy is an amazingly wise coach. She is not just someone who has a lot of knowledge, but is unique in that she has integrated all of her knowledge into true wisdom. Even if you are at the top of your game, Kathy can help you achieve your goals more gracefully. I am proud to say that Kathy Hadley is my life and business coach!" January 29, 2008

Dr. David A. Jernigan - Author, Everyday Miracles by God's Design; and Beating Lyme Disease, Owner of Hansa Center for Optimum Health for since 1995.


“Kathy is a motivated, successful consultant who is extremely committed to helping other entrepreneurs get the support they need to be successful as well. She is tireless in her support and committment to entrepreneurs.” July 2, 2007
Maria Simone, Founder, Dreamscout, LLC


“I have always found Kathy Hadley to be an astute and comprehensive business leader. She constantly exhibits a keen awareness of both fundamentals and innovative practices. Above all she is an intuitive and insightful listener with a natural capacity for not just problem solving but unprecedented value generation.” July 2, 2007
Scott Degraffenreid, Social Network Analyst, IBI


“Kathy is a dynamo with anything she does. After experiencing success in her own life, she's made it her mission now to seek out others and help them reach for the stars. I admire her energy, her perseverence, and her giving nature. Kathy, I'm so glad to call you my friend.” June 28, 2007

Jan Altman, Music Wizard Evangelist, Allegro Multimedia (makers of Piano Wizard)


“I can honestly say meeting and working with Kathy Hadley has been one of the high points of my business career. She is focused, dedicated and passionate in everything she does. She knows the secret for helping you get things done. As a business person she is incredibly successful. As a life coach she has helped her clients achieve remarkable results. If you don't work with Kathy when given the opportunity, your business or project will be missing a layer of success.” September 17, 2006
Mike Lamb, Owner, Moneyroom LLC


“Kathy has great charisma and is a joy to work with. She also knows how to help you get things done and FAST! Very trustworthy, friendly, compassionate and efficient in her role as a Life Coach.” September 19, 2006

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Michelle Wentling
hired Kathy as a Life Coach in 1997, and hired Kathy more than once


“Kathy has an incredible ability to not only believe in you, but to also help you to believe in yourself well beyond where ever you currently are. Finding people to believe in you and what you are doing is key to the success of any venture, once Kathy understands what you do and why you are doing it, you've found just such a person in Kathy Hadley.” September 16, 2006

Nicholas St. Jon, Owner, We Do That! Technologies
worked directly with Kathy


“It has been great to work with Kathy in the IBI / CEO Space community! She has helped a lot of owners get their business off the ground with great advice, and she is POWERFUL in helping them apply the Law of Attraction to their business and personal life. What a lady!”

November 7, 2007
Paul Hoyt, Consultant
Speaker, Hoyt Management Group
was with another company when working with Kathy at Business Consulting