Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More On How To Deliberately Create Your Life

I have been asked probably thousands of times the same question: "How can I get Law of Attraction to work for me?"

The answer is:

"Law of Attraction is constantly working every moment of every day bringing you more of that which matches your dominant vibration which is most likely a match to what you put most of your thoughts and attention on. You don't have to MAKE IT WORKS. It just is working."

The reason that question keeps getting asked is because the answer is not satisfying to the majority of people.

People want to know that there is something that they can "turn on" to get Law of Attraction (LOA) to work for them for what they want.

And that is just not how it works.

LOA is working 24/7 non-stop all the time for everyone.

The better question people could ask would be more like this:

"What do I need to do, if anything, to apply LOA deliberately so that I get what I want and not more of what I don't want".

That is what I've been helping people first to realize and then to apply in their own lives with great success.

There are thousands of books, websites, coaches, audios and videos about all of this already.

Then why would ANYONE still be coming to me (or anyone else) for help.

Because they have not yet realized that they can either put their attention on what is wanted or they can unknowingly keep putting their attention on the worries, upsets, cares and woes of what they don't want and keep getting more of that.

LOA works perfectly all the time.

You keep lamenting something that is wrong and you will, sure enough, keep getting more of it.

I find those who seem to think they know the most on this journey of life the most challenging ones to get to see that THEY are the ones that keep putting their own attention and emotion on unwanted things and thus getting more of it.


I could go on and on about that, however, that's not my style. My goal is to get on with it. Give people something they can do right now to get positive results.

First, realize now, right now, that YOU and ONLY YOU are the ONLY person who is now, has ever or will ever be the creator of YOUR life.


That should be a very freeing realization because if YOU are the only person who is in charge of YOU, then YOU only have to work on YOU in order to get what you want.

Second, take a real good look at your day to day activities.

Listen folks, that is where all this creation is happening.

Yes, sitting down to meditate or going to seminars and reading books are all great, but the MAIN amount of creation for wanted and unwanted things that are happening in YOUR life is in the moment by moment thoughts, emotions and habits you are in.

Those are the things you are getting more of.

It is that simple.

I use the analogy of "the tail wagging the dog". Backwards, yes, but that is what most people are unknowingly doing.

You wait until something apparently "bad" happens and then you REACT to it.

Stop right then. Ask yourself, would I be doing this action or thinking this thought IF my life was only filled with what is wanted.

The answer is probably NO!

It can even appear as if that what you are doing is a "good" thing. But be aware.

For example:

You could have been meditating all last night for perfect interactions at work. You arrive at work the next morning and "all hell as broken loose".

So you decide that you are going to find an inspirational quote and send it out to all the staff because that will help everyone get along better.

Now, ask yourself, would you have sent out an inspirational quote to all the staff for them all to get along better if they were indeed getting along.


If you deliberately are creating your life and thus pre-paving and believing for the wanted you have launched out into the Universe, then if you did indeed come into work and everyone else was upset, it would NOT affect you. You would be in a different vibrational realm from all of them.

This is where allowing comes in.

If on the other hand, you do let it affect you vibrationally, then you are like all the billions of people on the planet who are wondering...

"How do I get Law of Attraction to work for me?"

The steps of applying Law of Attraction deliberately toward wanted things are simple.

Here they are again in brief:

Ask - you simply ask for what you want without contradicting it with thoughts of lack, limitation or unworthiness.  You ask mostly with how you vibrate, so raising your dominant vibration is key.

It is Given - This is not YOUR work. The Universe always answers your vibrational requests, it matches them perfectly constantly.

Receive - Allow the good to come to you. This is where allowing comes in from the above example. You stay focused on your want and feel the feelings of already having it so that you are a vibrational match to what is wanted regardless of what is happening around you.

That's IT!!

Now, find joy.

Find ways in your moment by moment life to appreciate what you already have.

Desire more things that you can believe that you can have now.


You never get it wrong because you never get it done.  It is a "work in process".

However, it will get better and better all the time so look for those improvements to see if you are going in the direction of what is wanted.

My wish for all of you is that you deliberately create your most perfect life in each moment.

Kathy Hadley

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  1. Thank you for the thoughts! I am trying to work on putting this into motion in my life right now. :)

    1. Jenn,

      Good! Keep up the intention to do so. That alone will help you.



  2. I do want to create the perfect life for myself. I want to have enough money to live out my dream of being a traveling writer and photographer and I want it now!

    1. Ashley,

      Good! Read some of my other posts and that will help you.

      Raise your dominant vibration, feel gratitude for what you have and feel 'as if' all is the way you want it.

      That feeling of happiness and contentment will attract that to you if you are there dominantly and allow without resistance or contradiction.


      Have fun in your new life.


  3. I keep telling my kids, if you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you can't. I believe Henry Ford said that and I really believe it to be true. You can do anything you put your mind to, if you want it enough. Think positive, and take the necessary steps, one at a time! Great post!

    1. Yes, Michelle, Henry Ford said something like that.

      It is good to teach this to children young. If I had only done what it appeared possible for me to have done, most of what I HAVE DONE would have NEVER had happened!



  4. I agree. If we think positive, we can do pretty much whatever we want to. By no means easy, and is a step by step process, but it can be done. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well, Michelle, it can be as easy as you make it.

      You decide.

      And either way, whatever you decide, you will be right.....for you.



      P.S. As for me, I'll take the simplest, fastest, easiest road to all I want. ;-)

  5. This is such a good post, Kathy. I especially appreciate your encouragement to recognize and be thankful for what we already have! Sometimes, in our searching and working and toiling, we forget how much we are blessed already!

    1. AmyG,

      That is true. It is in gratitude for what you have that you attract more. It is in the feeling of contentment and happiness for what you have now that attract more of the same to you.

      It is feeling good right where you are that you can then attract more of what you are wanting.



  6. We seem to have the biggest problem with Step 3 - Allowing! It's like we don't believe we're worth it and so don't accept it when the Universe brings us what we want!

    1. Tamsin,

      Some of it is our feelings of unworthiness but truthfully most of the dis-allowing and resistance people have to receiving their good is unknown to them.

      That is why the first thing I do in my one on one coaching is help people individually find out and release what is holding them back that they don't even know about.