Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What You Seek Is Seeking You

“What you seek is seeking you.”   Rumi

Everything you are wanting is wanting you.

You just have to align to it.

It is just like having a radio set to 89.5….the radio station of 105.3 is still constantly emitting its signal even though YOU cannot get it because YOUR dial is set to 89.5.

Get it!

All you want is out there waiting for you to “change your dial” to be on the “channel” to receive it.

And how do you “change your dial”?

You raise your vibration so that you then match the vibration of how you would feel if you already had all that you are wanting.

It is really that simple.

Oh, and before I get the common comment of, “won’t some action be required”, let me add, if you stay high vibration and if any action is required, you will be inspired to do it.

It will be easy, it will feel like play.

You could do it all day.

It is joyful.

It does not feel like work or effort.

That is how you know that it is inspired action.

17 seconds of pure, positive, un-contradicted thought equals 2000 action hours.

You could not even begin to do enough action to equate to the ease of being aligned in thought and vibration to what you want.

To set “your channel” to receive what you are wanting, you need to find ways to really feel “as if” you already have all that you are wanting and therefore stay in a higher vibration dominantly.

Kathy Hadley

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Monday, September 9, 2013

How Much Do You Add To Viral Negativity?

How much do you participate in and add to viral negativity?

If you've been reading my blog or getting my emails, I hope the answer is NONE!

Do you listen to gossip and pass it on?

Do you share negative news posts?

I ask that because what you put out (even in sharing) is what you will attract back.

If you keep spreading negativity, your own life won't improve.

Get in the habit of only listening to, engaging in and passing on positive information about personal matters and public matters.

Ask yourself, "Do I want more of this in my life?" If the answer is no, let it go.

When your life becomes dominantly positive, you will know it as you will attract mostly things you want into it.

Read other posts on this blog to help you to be more positive, increase your vibration and start to attract the life YOU want.

Kathy Hadley

P.S.  After posting this, one comment I got was "What about raising awareness?"  and my answer was

"This is a common misunderstanding about how Universal Laws work. Mother Teresa said it best in her quote "Don't invite me to an Anti-War Rally, I won't attend. Have a Peace rally and I'll be there." So, if there is something that you do not want, then find what it is that you DO want and raise awareness on that.)

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