Sunday, April 14, 2013

It Only Takes 17 Seconds of Pure, Positive, Un-Contradicted Thought

As I stated yesterday, we are all creating and thus manifesting everything in our lives all the time anyway. 
You might as well learn how to do it on purpose and create and manifest what you want. 
Right ?
It only takes 17 seconds of pure, positive, un-contradicted thought to start to launch a desire into creation.
Positive outweighs negative by thousands of time.
However, most people are not aware of how they are actually sabotaging themselves with fear, disbelief, disharmony, worry and other negative emotions. 
They spend too much time watching negative information and engaging in negative thinking and speaking.

In addition to what I've posted in previous posts about staying positive, here is a very simple way to pay attention to putting more positive thoughts in your life more often for better results.  
Most people can't even think for 5 seconds on something positive without a contradictory thought coming in but it can be accomplished with practice. 
This is very important even though very simple.
Use your imagination or even "talk your way" through this out loud. (with no one around.)
Think of something you want, for example a bit more money.  It has to be something you believe so start with a slight improvement from where you are or something you consider small. 
Start "talking" or thinking your way through it from where you are to where you want to be.
Here is an example:  "I want more money."  "Other people have more money so it is possible."  "The Universe sends me what I attract so I can think of more positive things, that is easy."  "It isn't my work, I just have to stay positive and focused on what I want and I can do that."  "Thinking about how much calmer my life will be with more money is such a relief."  "I will do __________ with the money and ___________ with the money." (Fill in the blanks.)  "I am so happy and grateful now that I am in alignment with all the Universe wants to give me."   (and anything else that feel good)
The point is to just keep talking or thinking about this as you feel better and better and better for 17 seconds and then as you feel the energy increase add another 17 seconds and another and another until you can feel the energy really build up and then let it go knowing the Universe will take care of it.
About 4 cycles of 17 seconds or 64 seconds should do it.  You will feel it. Go with how it feels.
But it should never take a lot of time.
Now, it is important not to discuss this with anyone.  Not even one person.  I've noticed that when people do this, they disperse the energy.  Just let it keep building and feel good and believe and be ready to receive, build it up and launch it out to the Universe and forget about it. 
Go about life being happy and expecting all the good to come to you.
There is nothing else you will have to do on that subject as long as you stay high vibration so just let it go and don't keep doing it. 
The need to keep doing it just shows disbelief which is in direct contradiction to creation and thus won't help you anyway.
If you don't think that 17 seconds is important then think again.
17 seconds of pure positive, un-contradicted thought equals 2000 actions hours.
That is HUGE!!!!
2000 Action Hours.
You can never keep up with action in order to keep up with creation. 
This is why paying attention to your vibration is so very important.
Now, you know how to deliberately direct your attention and use your seconds wisely AND now you know WHY it is so important not to allow yourself to stay in negative states!!! 
Multiply all your 17 seconds of negative emotion by 2000 action hours.  UGG!  You don't want that.
You want to multiply 17 seconds by 2000 action hours toward all that is wanted and will make you happy.
So pay attention and now go about creating your life on purpose.
Kathy Hadley
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  1. Very interesting - 2000 action hours???? Wow! I never try to stifle an idea or the step that moves it from idea to creating! Now I know why ! I get a huge payoff! Love your blog!

    1. Melann,

      That is exactly what I thought, WOW! I'm glad you like my blog.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Loved this! It's scary to think people can't hold a positive thought more than 5 seconds! And even scarier to think that they could be creating 2000 hours of negative action hours.... Wait! No negative thought here! This was super!

    1. Good job for catching yourself. ;-)

      I love the idea that I can get the 2000 action hours toward what is wanted with my deliberate, directed, positive thoughts.



  3. Thanks for your post! I was reminded of a song from 1994 called '7 seconds' by Neneh Cherry and Youssou N'Dour. It's about the first 7 seconds of a baby's life before the world influences how it lives...

  4. This is beautifully put and I totally agree, Kathy. I have moments where I give myself exercises to focus on a thought or type of thoughts (such as about a particular context or goal) and keep the focus on it.

    It doesn't have to be about hard work, it's about doing 'pure' and clean energy/vibration work and the leverage is there. And we feel the excitement build as we do this.

    Thank you for sharing this, very nice about the focusing on what we want for a period of time and building the vibration :)

    1. Dear Hemal,

      Thank you for coming and adding your insights. I appreciate that very much.



    2. My pleasure Kathy, have a wonderful day :)

  5. Kathy,
    I love you posts and....... I know you walk your talk. That makes it even better.