Thursday, April 11, 2013

Make A List And Check It Twice - Get It Done & Feel So Nice

(Corny title, I know, but raising vibration is all about feeling good, so please, go with it.  ;-)  )
If you want to actually have the life you desire for real starting as soon as now, you need to be dominantly higher in vibration. 
In prior posts, I went over The Emotional Guidance Scale so that you can see where you are vibrationally now as your starting point, then I gave you 9 Simple Things you can do to raise your vibration, then just yesterday, I went over how procrastination actually makes you feel lower vibration and takes way too much of your attention and energy and why you should get over it and just "do it". 
Today, I am continuing on that by giving you another very simple method to use to help you NOT ONLY get over procrastination but it also helps you to avoid OVERWHELM!
Which is a great thing because once someone decides to stop procrastinating, they are usually overwhelmed by all they have to do.
Like most people, if you procrastinate, you have probably let some things go for a while and now you just have too much to do?
You want to change your life and do things've create space in your life for the things that are wanted...... you've found where you are on the Emotional Guidance Scale...... and you are doing some of the 9 things to raise your vibration.....
But then when you see all the areas of your life that need work you get so very overwhelmed you go back to doing nothing.
This is when it is important to know about gradients (doing a little bit at time) and using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which I will go over tomorrow. 
You can use EFT to release resistance and unknown barriers to your progress.
For today, I want to tell you about a very simple, yet highly effective tool I started using way back, years ago when I was going from being a procrastinator to getting things done. 
It is simply this:
Write down all the things you want to get done right now that CAN be completed today. 
If you have some large tasks, break them down into smaller steps. 
This is important so DO NOT skip this step, actually write them all down.
Now, take that list of items and find the easiest thing that you can do right now.
(Not the most important thing, or the oldest thing or any other criteria.....find the easiest thing, something that can be done in a relatively short period of time to completion........)
DO IT!!!
When it is totally done, check it off the list and congratulate yourself for a job well done and give yourself a little reward......a cup of your favorite hot beverage or a call to an old friend.  Some small, easily available thing that you can do to reward yourself.
Then do the next easiest thing to do and on and on. 
Instead of looking at what is left on the list, always look at what you have accomplished and tell yourself, "the better it gets, the better it gets."
Before long, you, too, will have your list done and will then find it much easier to just do things as they come up rather than letting them pile up again.
And remember, once you start a new habit, a new way of thinking and raise in vibration about any one little thing, all the Universal Laws are lined up to aid you in this new vibration. 
It is great to get things done and have a more organized life, too, but the main reason this is so very important is to raise your vibration and free up your attention so that you can create the life you really want.
Kathy Hadley
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  1. So you're into poetry now, huh Kathy. Catchy title and a great post!

    1. Carlana,

      LOL :-) It just came to me. :-) You know, we all have you mentioned in your great Pinterest sharing blog today. :-)

      Glad you liked it.



  2. Great article! I am such a list person. I often make a to-do list before bed to rid my mind of what I need to do the next day. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Amy,

      So glad you liked it.

      Since you mentioned a "to-do" list, I would point out that this is slightly different.

      Most people write down everything to do and then thing about it and still get overwhelmed.

      This is about writing down only what you CAN do today and getting it done and then only keeping your attention on your accomplishment and rewarding yourself for the positive.

      Just like positive reinforcement works with children and employees, it works with ourselves, too.

      Plus, by Law, you get more of where you put your dominant attention, so if you keep your attention on what you have done, you will get more done and easier.


      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Hey Kathy, I never knew you were a poet before. I love it and this is a great post for me today. thanks.

    1. Dina,

      LOL Well, to be truthful, I am a published poet, actually. My first poetry was published when I was in grade school. I remember my oldest sister being in college a few years later and she was having to study this book of poetry that had my work in it. LOL

      But this was just me being a bit silly.

      Glad this post was good for you today.




  4. Well Kathy, you help me to realize things that I don't usually do like making a list. I just do it whatever have came up into my mind. But your post motivates me a lot, I think I have start making my list now. Thanks!

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    1. Yep, it is important for so much more than just getting organized or setting and achieving goals. Although, that alone would be sufficient reason to do so. It is all about writing it down. :-)