Sunday, April 21, 2013

Go From Negative To Positive - Change Your Attitude With Gratitude

Most people are not even aware of how much negative they watch, listen to and talk about every day. 

Do you have to get all the details of the negative news to tell the story over & over to everyone? 

If so you are creating more negative in your own life. 

Turn off the news.
Tell a better story. Repeat only good news.
Attract more good into your life by doing so. 

Today, really pay attention to what you are talking about.   
Write it down.

If it is about death, accidents, murders, how bad the economy is, how bad the government is, how we need to be praying for this negative thing or that negative thing so that it is better, then STOP IT! 

Don't talk about bad economy.  Pray, meditate, think and talk about abundance.
Don't talk about accidents and murders.  Pray, meditate, think and talk about safety.
Don't talk about (insert subject that you don't want here).
Pray, meditate, think and talk about (insert subject you DO WANT here.) 
Get the drift?! 
You really have to change were you are putting your attention on all subjects
repeatedly daily if you want the better life you are working toward.
A great way to re-focus your attention is to get into the habit of looking around and
really feeling gratitude for what you have right now that you ARE grateful for.
Gratitude is a very high vibration emotion and the more you do it, the more you will improve your life.  
But you have to really feel the feeling of gratitude and depending on how much negative you've been focused on, you may have to do this a lot to shift the pattern to better.
Once you shift it and keep it going, your life will get better and better and better. 
Kathy Hadley

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  1. And that shift, introduced to me in 1992, was a HUGE one. It may not always be easy and I know, as you do, that it is an essential part of a life well lived and a heart well shared. Thanks Kathy!

    1. MamaRed,

      It is a very essential part of living the life you want.

      Once you do it, you realize how great your life can really be.


  2. Wonderful, wonderful post. My other half was gripped with all that was happening in Boston and would not turn off the television. Would you believe it if I told you that listening to this over the days literally gave me a headache? I found that turning the TV off was just what the doctor would have prescribed.

    1. I'm not surprised at all. I have some friends who are doctors who have confirmed that there are actual physical reactions to all emotions.

      Not only is negative bad for your life, it is bad for your health.



  3. Hi Kathy

    Love this post - it is so true. People almost try for oneupmanship in betterine how negative they can be! Why do we find it so hard to give the same energy to positive events?