Monday, April 22, 2013

Do I Want MORE of THAT?!

Ask yourself, "Do I want more of that?" 

What you talk about, think about and look at most of the time is what you are telling the Universe "I want more of that."

Nothing is either good or bad for the Law of Attraction, it simply obeys you. The Universe just gives you more of it as it just matches where you put your attention most of the time.

Pay attention:  If you watch the bad news, ask yourself, "Do I want more of THAT?!"

If not, put your attention on something you do want more of.

If you often tell people that you are (sad, depressed, upset, mad, worried, etc.) ask yourself

"Do I want more of THAT?!"

If you think people are mean to you and that you always have bad things happen stop and ask yourself,

"Do I want more of THAT?!"

If you criticize yourself, ask yourself,

"Do I want more of THAT?!"

I think you get the point.

Before long, you will notice where you are putting your attention and it will become a new
habit to put your attention mostly on what you REALLY DO WANT MORE OF!

Then, you will really see your life improve.

Kathy Hadley

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  1. Good one Kathy! The title really begs one to think about, huh?

    Thanks for another great piece of wisdom.

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