Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Much "Pay" Have You Gotten For Living Today?

Most people have so much attention on making money. And of course, I understand that.

But how much attention do you put on what I consider "the real pay you get for living".

What I'm talking about is all the small enjoyable, wonderful moments in life that inspire us, build us up, make us happy, bring us joy.

I can think of many right now, I bet you can think of even more.

The smile of a baby.

A job well done.

Completing a project.

Helping a friend.

Giving a word of encouragement.

Helping someone feel better about anything.

A beautiful sunset.

The smell of spring coming.

Petting your pet.

Hugs from family & friends.

Thanking someone.

Helping an elderly person.

Helping any person.

Thinking of others.

Complimenting someone & seeing them light up.

Anything that brings you joy, happiness, a senses of accomplishment, working together with someone on a project....

The list goes on & on.

Most people, especially entrepreneurs have had their share of ups & downs, good times & not so good times, happiness & sorrows.

Through it all, they still have "pay they get for living".

I remember, even though I was very sad at the time, when my favorite Uncle died. No one talked about his successes or his failures in business.

It was all about him, his life, how he helped people, his humor, how he treated everyone, what a great family man he was, etc.

I'm sure like most people, there were probably those who didn't care for him too much, but he had many, many more people who really liked him.

I know I did. I thought he was great. I could probably write an entire book just on what he did for me.

That's what I'm talking about when I say "the real pay you get for living".

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