Thursday, March 12, 2009

Law of Attraction & Flow by Hemal Radia

Hemal Radia is a new, good friend of mine that I met on twitter. He has a wonderful site all about Law of Attraction & is on Facebook as well.

If you are on those social networks, I highly recommend you connect with Hemal and also visit his site.

He has with great generosity allowed me to post this article again & I'm very grateful to him for that. Please enjoy this & if you enjoy it as much as I did, please contact Hemal & let him know.

Law of Attraction and Flow are totally related.

Law of Attraction is the universal 'mechanism' of 'like attracts like' and the flow is your personal experience when you are attracting things easily and effortlessly - it's almost like you can't miss at whatever you do and things work out for you in the right way and right time

We have all had these experiences and of course many are striving to make these more regular!

A way to get into your flow is with the expectation of good things. No matter how things are around you, start with the INTENT of what you want, this is a good starting place.

Even if you do not fully believe you can have what you want yet, you can start with an INTENTION to have it - the beliefs will come as you practice your thoughts and vibration around it, you will build your vibrational familiarity around it which will lead to you manifesting it into your life.

Start with the intent and let go of the 'how', let the Universe orchestrate that, your job was always to set your vibrational tone.

So you start with your intent and you trust and allow it to happen - that means not doubting or contradicting it. If you plant a seed do you doubt or question it growing? Why would you do that?

Ideally when you set your intent and/or focus on what you want you do it for the JOY of it - that is the best place to be, to be in your flow and to be attracting more and more.

You will find that when you are in your flow you are focused in your present moment and at what is happening and usually with very little judgement and very little resistance. You don't let things unsettle you. If things happen that you don't enjoy then in your mind you have a positive outcome or intention for that situation which you are focusing on regardless of what is happening around you.

Law of Attraction and your Flow are really a matter of focus rather than luck or waiting for the planets to align. Just as with everything else, it is all vibrational. You do not attract things which are not in vibrational vicinity to you and your vibration is determined by your choice of thoughts and feelings.

So ask yourself,
What do I want to Focus on today?
What Feels Good to me?
What to I Appreciate?
What do I Love?What do I EnJOY?
What can I find in my Past or Recent Past that FEELS GOOD?
What Dreams, Desires, and Goals FEEL GOOD?

It is never about the reality that you are experiencing but where you are putting your attention - that is setting your vibration and what you are attracting more of. It's just sometimes you use your present reality as a reason for you not to focus on good things, it is so easy to get 'sucked' into the reality happening at the time - but it is always about your focus (hence vibration).

When your attention and focus is in a good place and it is purely on it (i.e. without contradicting it with thoughts that don't match it) you will attract things that are a match.

The irony and paradox is, when you are in your flow you do not think about the flow because you are too busy being in it and enjoying it - you are too busy 'being' to metacomment 'about' it. So get yourself to a place where you are experiencing and being than having to think too much about it 'from the outside'.

Your Flow is as ready for you as the first good feeling thought you are about to take which will lead to another and another and another and so on...

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