Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Pay We Get For Living - My Joy

I coach people from all over. It is my greatest joy to see people make real changes in their own lives.

All of my coaching is done mostly by email and is totally confidential.

However, below you will find an email of thanks from a person who has seen many changes in the past year. I got their permission to reproduce the email but no name will be listed.

As I told this person, "I am humbled and honored that I have helped you in any way".

My wish is that the statements below inspire others to know that they can make positive changes in their lives. Here is to all having the best life they can!!

"Hi Kathy,

Just writing to say hi and to tell you that all is well in my end. I am feeling great and have been doing some deliberate creating at work. I continue to do this in other areas of my life such as home and family and friends.

I truly appreciate all that is in my life right now. I am having fun with little things but also know that this is the same for what seems like bigger issues. I know that if never ends.

I also wanted to note that today marks a year since you and I connected through Powerful Intentions.

You answered a question that I was sooooo desperate to have answers to in the beginning. I felt alone when I first started this but you brought me a sense of comfort and relief.

I want to thank you very much for all that you have done for me as I find you to be the best coach ever.

I know that I can call on you when I have questions or just need your assistance with something. It still blows me away to think that a complete stranger ( at first ) would do this.

I can only hope that one day I can be of assistance to someone else as you have been to me. So, again, a great big thank you. ( If I was having a glass of wine right now, I would do a "cheer" with you."

What that person has created is amazing. Again, it is my great reward to have helped in some small way.

I consider that this is part of the "pay we get for living". Finding JOY in helping another.


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  1. What sweet and good work you do. Thank you for your inspiration. Service from the heart is essential. love, Robyn