Sunday, January 11, 2009

How to Get Started Coaching Program

This post is in response to all the people asking "How do I get started?"

So here are the basic steps to get started in my coaching program.

1) Go to

Go down the page until on the left side you see....
Introduction to Abraham Tracks:
Listen to the below list of tracks in order as they are listed.

The Powerful Law of Attraction (4:00 3.64M)Here's the key we've long been asking for
Law of Deliberate Creation (3:57 3.64M)How to want it and be, do or have it
About the Law of Allowing (4:51 4.5M)Ask and it's given; now learn to allow
Process of Segment Intending (3:39 3.34M)Consciously develop this valuable habit

You may listen to other tracks if you wish, but these are the minimum I require, so that we can see if we are in alignment.

2) Go to

And read the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction teachings in brief on the left.

3) If you are in agreement with most of what you have just heard and read, then subscribe by going to:

I only take a few clients at a time so if the link to sign up is not available, please contact me by commenting here.

Once you are subscribed, I will then contact you to make sure we are in alignment and that you understand and agree to my simple quidelines. If so, we get started immediately (if you wish) coaching via email.

That is it. It really is not that much and wouldn't take that much time.

I hope this helps answer people's questions.

Here is to all of us deliberately creating our best year ever!!!

Kathy Hadley

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    I am impressed with what I have read about you. You contacted me on Twitter when I was just learning how to use it and a bit overwhelmed. I didn't have my profile up yet. Wanted you to know I just put it up and would love to be in touch.
    Tracey Cantor