Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello All from Kathy Hadley

I have been helping people all my life.  It is how I was raised.
I’ve always felt I was “called” to help.
At a very young age I was often told I was wise beyond my years.
When I was 9, my Aunt ,who was always ill, asked me as I sat at her bedside,
if I thought I had a purpose, a reason for living.
Without hesitation I said, "Yes, Aunt, I’m her to help people." 
I didn’t even have to think about it.
At 9 years old, I already knew this instinctually.
The first time I was asked to counsel someone, I was only 12 years old.
The mother of another student in my class brought her daughter to
my home one night unannounced and told my parents that her daughter
insisted on speaking with me.  She said that I was the only person who could help
her daughter.  I didn’t hesitate.  I just took her to a private room and helped her.
I’d have to say, that was probably my first formal “coaching” session.
Since then, I’ve been helping, consulting and coaching people, even while I was doing other businesses.
As I was helping others, I was also continually getting additional training in all areas of life myself to improve my own life and the lives of others.
I spent 10 years  in concentrated training that covered everything from communication, to the emotional scale, what it was and how to use it to better your life, parenting, relationship counseling,  family and marriage counseling, business relationships, organizational skills, overcoming grief, being more in control of your life and much more.
Then I did additional training in the Universal Laws and how to apply them.  This is all in addition to all the books I’ve read and seminars I’ve attended.
I was doing all of this long before the term “Life Coaching” was being used. 
After I sold all my businesses and retired from that, I joined an international business network to give back to others some of my experience and have since consulted and counseled many people in that network.
Since 2006, I’ve been doing what I do under the term of “Life Coaching” and have found great joy it helping others see positive results in their own lives.
I hope that I will be able to help you, too.


  1. Many people have heard me say or read my blog ( where I said, "I learned this from my Life Coach..." I am so blessed to be the first one to comment on the fact that she is starting her own blog and opening herself to coaching more people!

    I can think of no one who I trust more to help and facilitate my highest goals. If you are ready to achieve whatever you truly want, quickly, Kathy is the coach I recommend.

    As a doctor, I have always wanted to help people by sending them to Kathy so she could help them change their life, through her powerful wisdom, but only now has she generously opened her heart to accept more people.

    I believe in Divine-connections and I believe there are no such thing as coincidences... If you found Kathy's blog I would pay close attention to what guided you here!

    I encourage you to go to my Jan. 3rd "New Year's Blues" blog entry and read how a Life Coach can help you reach your goals and be better than you are now!

    It is a grand, joyful, journey!
    Dr. David A. Jernigan

  2. Dearest Kathy,

    Good morning, Happy New Year and congratulations.

    It is a more blessed world now that you are are sharing your gifts and abilities in this way.

    To you, your loved ones and all your readers....

    May you always have love to share,
    Health to spare,
    And family and friends that care.