Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not To Miss Event with Hemal Radia Law of Attraction in Las Vegas

I met Hemal Radia on the social network Twitter and we have had a great time discussing Law of Attraction in our own lives and the lives of those we have helped.

Now, he is coming over from London to present his wisdom first hand.

I highly recommend you make this part of your journey to a bigger, better life!

Here is a bit more about Hemal and the event:

Hemal Radia teaches Manifesting and Law of Attraction like it has never been taught. He explains it in a way which is very simple and easy to understand, and in a way that you can utilise it very powerfully in your life.

I have gotten to know Hemal for quite some time now and over that time he has become very prominent on Twitter, Facebook and there is even a "Hemal Radia Appreciation Group" on Facebook where they send his quotes out to members!

Hemal is very good at getting people into their flow in the easiest and quickest of ways. He has run teleseminars as well as having a lot of useful content on his blog and on Twitter and Facebook.

Recently, I discovered Hemal is doing a live event in Las Vegas in a few months and I wanted to let you know about it so you can benefit from what he has to offer!

Hemal teaches you how to manifest your goals and how you are connected to what you want and draw it into your life. He doesn't just teach Law of Attraction, he teaches you how to get into YOUR flow. And from there, all possibilities are open to you.

The weekend Vegas event is at the Trump International Hotel. They have agreed a very good suite rate for attendees of the event at $99/night (excl taxes) as well as a view of the Vegas Strip. This rate is on a first-come first-served basis, and hence has limited availability.

If you are interested, I would recommend you book as soon as you can.

More information AND TO BOOK your seat, CLICK HERE

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