Saturday, September 11, 2010

How Can I Make Law of Attraction Work For Me?

I have written about the answer to that question before. I and thousands of others have answered this so many times before it still amazes me that the question is being asked.

However, I know, if there is still an “asking” going on, then there must still be something about this whole concept of Law of Attraction (LOA) that people do not understand or can’t seem to come into alignment with.

But before I get to the solution that I may have for this, let me digress a moment…

Very often I am asked by other coaches, business associates and friends of mine to do more in the way of “getting out there” with what they believe is my unique way of helping people understand and apply LOA.

There are good reasons for my hesitancy, I feel….first of all, there is already so much information available.

But for every one of my hesitations, they have a reason why I should.

You see, when I help someone change their life around, that person will want me to help all the other people they know in their life, too.

Commendable for them, actually.

Then I think, how do I stay in alignment with my own wants and desires and at the same time stay in alignment for someone elses wants and desires pertaining to me?


And in that moment of….Aha! It came to me. That is exactly at the heart of what is keeping everyone else from applying the very simple Laws of the Universe deliberately.

We are a social people. We overlap with others. (Which really doesn’t matter but until you understand something, it does matter.)

Only 2 days ago, another friend of mine was so intent on having me get my way of explaining LOA out to the world, he even offered to handle the whole thing.

(In case you haven’t read my very first blog post, it took me a while to just agree to do a blog.)

So even though it sounded so easy since after all, “he will handle the whole thing”…what about my part. Yes, I find it my greatest joy in helping people. But I also don’t want to become “a business”. And there you have it.

One desire bumping right up against the other.

And what do you suppose LOA does with that…

One analogy of it is this:

Compare it to something simple like ordering dinner at a restaurant (that is how the Universe works… ask, it delivers.)

The waiter walks up to the table to take our order. I say I want the salad. He walks away and everything starts in motion to get my salad.

I can’t see the kitchen usually so I don’t know if my salad is being made or not, but I totally expect without any doubt, my salad will be coming very soon.

In the mean time, I start to wonder IF my salad IS indeed coming, I worry, I call the waiter over and say, forget the salad, I think I want the ham sandwich. That should do it.

So now, the waiter stops the salad order (which was just about ready for me, by the way) and tells them to make me the ham sandwich.

Oh my goodness, I think. I should’ve stayed with the salad. The ham sandwich is probably harder to make after all.

I call the waiter back. (I’m also very hungry by now and am thinking all of this is taking way too long). “Waiter, make I want the salad after all, not the sandwich”.

The waiter does as I ask, and puts in the order for the salad. ….

You see how I could go on and on with this.

I could make this story even more complicated by starting out asking for a 7 course gourmet meal with all the trimmings.

This is exactly what we all do in life. We ask. The universe immediately starts to move heaven and earth to give us what we are asking for. We don’t see any (or very little) evidence of it happening. We doubt. We change our minds and the Universe has to start all over again.

I bet most people do this thousands of times a minute.

Now, add to this basic analogy the idea of my friend sitting with me at the restaurant telling me, don’t order the salad, order the salmon.

And then you wonder why you don’t get what you want.

Not only do you ask and then doubt it’s creation ever coming to you but you also have doubts because others give you ideas of what they think you should want based on what they want.

Thus is the problem.

Thankfully, there is a solution that is as easy as the Law of Attraction itself.


And that my friends, is the topic of my next post.

(Right now though, just scroll through my earlier post and find the great audios by Abraham-Hicks and listen to the one all about allowing).

Until next time…..Ask. Ask for something that you can fully believe will come to you.
Expect it to come to you and then wait with grateful anticipation as if it has already arrived. Just allow it to happen. If you can do that, no additional study about LOA is needed.

Here is to you creating your most perfect life, every moment of Now that you have!

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