Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't Have All You Want - Just Look In The Mirror!

I can understand it may be very difficult to believe that we create our own realities by what we think and put a lot of attention on.

However, believe it or not, it's true.

I see evidence of this every single day.

I see it in my own life and all around me.

SO, if you don't have everything you want, just look in the mirror.

The only person who creates in your own universe is YOU!

Actually, that's a good thing!

That means the only person you have to change to have all you want is YOU!

And here is how.....

We all have these habits of thinking and acting every day that keep us creating what we have been creating. Thus we keep getting what we've always gotten.

But think about this for a moment....each new moment of NOW we get another chance to think a bit talk a bit feel a bit differently.

Why is that important, you might ask.

Well, it is very important because as you start to think a bit differently, you shift the energy of what is being created for your next moments of NOW.

Law of Attraction makes it so.

Now, here's the kicker.....

You gotta keep thinking a bit better, a bit better and a bit better.

What most people do (and some erroneously think this disproves LOA)
is they think a bit better, don't immediately see the improvement and then think the opposite, thus canceling out their own thought.

I'll give an example:

Scenario.....I don't have enough money.

ok, so LOA says think a bit better about it, something that I could believe and feel it like it is. So I say to myself, I am getting more and more money all the time. That feels good to me.

The next day, I STILL don't have enough money. Well, I think to myself this LOA stuff doesn't work. I didn't get any more money.

In this scenario, not only did the negative thought of not having enough money cancel out my previous thought, if the negative thought had more negative emotion than the positive thought had positive emotion, there was probably more energy put on the don't want of not enough money. Thus, not enough money is continuing to be created and may even get worse.

Now, you're really stuck...better do something about it, (you think to yourself) so you effort at it......all the time thinking how you don't have enough money.

Can you see how this just keeps going and going.

Now, to turn this around, start with a positive thought you can believe and then keep feeling as if it is true, every day be in expectation of it manifesting and thus being true.

No matter what is in your current reality, keep saying, thinking, and most important feeling, like you already have more money.

When you actually can feel that way most of the time, your vibration will attract the manifestation of more money into your life.

This works exactly the same with relationships, health, happiness.....anything.

So start with one thing and practice thinking and feeling positive about it.

As you do this, you may be inspired to take some different action.

My personal opinion is that when I feel like taking inspired action, I know it because it is always very easy, breezy for me.

When I'm in a negative, worried, or non-inspired state, the action feels like a lot of effort.

Try if for yourelf on something and see.

And don't discount the little things. Be very grateful for every little thing that comes your way on the topic you're asking about.

Have fun! As Abraham says, "Follow your bliss"!!!