Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Just Like Popping Popcorn

"Have you noticed how long it takes popcorn to start popping?

But when it gets going, it really gets going.

And what started out as a few small kernels seems to multiply so much that it fills the pot and forces the lid off.

There is a lesson we can learn from popping popcorn:

Persistence leads to progress.

Progress leads to momentum.

Momentum leads to tangible results.

So get going...and blow the lid off!"

~Clifton Anderson

Most of the work of popping popcorn happens at the beginning when there are really no apparent signs of anything happening.

If you didn't already know that by just letting the popcorn pop longer it would become what you want, you would probably stop it and decide it didn't work.

But you do know, so you keep the heat on or keep the microwave going and let the popcorn pop to completion.

This is how life works.

You start something and don't immediately see any results so start thinking that the Law of Attraction really isn't working for you.

But if you knew that it most definitely was working, you would keep doing what you are doing and wait for those last few seconds when it all manifests.

That is how it works. So keep desiring what you want, take any action you are inspired to take, believe and
expect it to happen and in the last moments if well manifest.


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