Monday, July 18, 2011

Do You Know What Is Holding You Back?

The steps to applying the Law of Attraction to your life are simple:

1) You ask.

2) You are given. (This is not your work.)

3) You believe and thus allow it to come to you.

(This is were most still don't have it.)

Allowing your good to come to you is the most important step and yet most people are not aware of all the resistance they have.

You ask, but you immediately doubt.

You ask, but you don't really believe it.

You ask, but you prepare for the opposite.

You ask, and tell others and their disbelief causes you to disbelieve.

You ask, but you have not yet broken out of the unconsious habits you have that keep creating the old unwanted patterns.

I could write a book just on allowing, but fortunately, there is already a great free audio that goes over it very well.

Click here and listen to the Law of Allowing audio

(you may listen to others also if you wish)

This is so very important that I recommend you bookmark this page and listen to this video as often as you possibly can.

If you keep trying and trying to change certain things in your life and they just aren't changing then you really need to listen to this.

Stay tuned for more helpful advice next week when we go over a physical way that is easy and can be done at home that helps you to release resistance to having all you desire.

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