Sunday, April 10, 2011

Are We Addicted To Our Emotions And Conditions?

Law of Attraction simply states "Like attracts like."

Law of Deliberate Intention states "That which we put our dominant attention on we attract, that which we put our dominant attention on with strong emotion, we attract faster."

These laws do not distinguish between whether the thing you are giving your attention to and feeling emotions about are wanted or unwanted.

You would think, that someone who is constantly sick or always needing more money could apply the Laws of the Universe deliberately once they know them, but that is not always the case.

There is also the Law of Allowing which states I can receive or allow that which I want and allow all others whatever they want too.

Not allowing, not believing, having doubts, having mis-emotions about other people's choices causes resistance and dis-allows manifestation.

But what would cause us to "dis-allow" that which we so strongly want?

Could we be "addicted" to our emotions and conditions?

Per Candice Pert, Pharmacologist and a leading investigator into ways that the mind talks with the body:
"Emotions are neuropeptides attaching to receptors and stimulating an electrical change on neurons. The mind exists not only in the brain. Neuropeptides are also produced by the spleen, thymus, bone marrow, lymph glands, and the dorsal horn of the spine. Neuropeptides produced by the brain, arriving to open receptors in the intestines, are the root of the expression 'gut feeling'.

So emotions are chemicals. I appreciate that many of us will not value the knowledge when told that the wondrous feelings of true love are down to a cascade of chemicals; the release of hormones into the blood stream, the pulse of electric currents along the neurons.

But there is no longer any doubt that our basic emotions are hardwired into the human system. Consider the behavior of babies and young children. They exhibit a whole range of emotions, from rage to pure pleasure, and while the activating cause of the emotion is often plainly seen, there is no evidence of reason - in the sense of conscious awareness - in their behavior.

There are other hormones and chemicals produced by the body when you feel sadness, stress, worry, and all the emotions.

So yes, to some degree we are physically “addicted” to our current emotional states and conditions.

But there is so much more to “addiction”. As anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking or stop using some drug will tell you, there is also the psychological addiction of habits you have acquired related to this pattern of life you are currently inhabiting.

So to answer the question: Are we addicted to our emotions and conditions?

The answer for most will probably be “yes”.

To find out if that is the answer for you, look around and see if no matter how much you have learned and applied the Laws of the Universe, created by the Creator, God, you still have basically the same life as you did when you started.

Then yes, you too are addicted to your unwanted emotions and conditions.

However, I did not give you all that information so that you can then be a “victim” of addiction and give yourself an excuse to not have the life you want.

I gave you that information so that you can truly look at your own life and become more aware of where you are and where you want to be so that you can more deliberately apply the tools I’ve given you in this
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