Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy St. Valentine's Day - How Can the Love We Feel For Others Help Us?

This is St. Valentine's Day in the US. 

The history of this day is not clear and different stories abound.

What it has become in the US is a day where people celebrate with the ones they love with gifts of flowers, chocolates, jewelry and dinners out with champagne.

It is great to acknowledge love.  Love is a very high vibration. 

So revel in it.  Really celebrate today and let all those you love know it.

This feeling of love can be used today and everyday to keep us in a higher vibration and thus attract more things to love.

Attention to anything attracts it to us.  Attention with great emotion attracts it to us faster.

Love is a great emotion.  Express your love today and enjoy the day.

Express your love and gratitude as much everyday with sincere emotion and have a great life!

Happy St. Valentine's Day,


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